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Top Five Sex Positions for Escort Client

Being alone in London is nothing short of a crime. Afterall, there are so many attractions in this mega city that you are always spoilt for choice. There are so many restaurants, shopping streets, clubs, theatres, tourist attractions, and other experiences on offer in London that you are always spoilt for choice. But in order to enjoy the various facilities that are on offer in London, you need to have a gorgeous companion by your side. Well, do not worry if you are coming here alone without your lady companion. Afterall, London boasts of some of the gorgeous Asian women in the country who are willing to be your companion through your stay in London. Worried about the hassles of a relationship? Well, forget about all those worries as you can now enjoy the companionship of busty Asian escorts in London during your stay in or around the city. These ladies are amongst the prettiest models that you will ever encounter in your life and having them as your companions would make your time entirely worthwhile.

With the excellent care and effort these Chelsea escorts put in ensuring the well-being of their body and appearance makes the time you spend with them entirely worthwhile. They undertake good care of their body by regularly going to the gym and attending workout and grooming sessions. With regular visits to beauty salon, they maintain their attractive appearance to stay enticing for you. The range of services that these ladies offer are absolutely amazing and are highly sought after by the clients from all over the world, but the best pleasures await you when you engage in fulfilling your sexual fantasies with these beauties. These ladies do not hesitate in going the extra distance to help you realise all your sexual desires. Wondering about the best sexual positions that you can try with these busty Asian bases, here are the top five positions that you must try: -

  1. Missionary: - Well, the good-old missionary position is the best one to try if it is your first time with the lady as it puts minimal pressure on both of you and would let you be acquainted with each other’s erogenous points.
  2. Sixty-nine: - As they say, old is gold. Sixty-nine may be the oldest sex positions out there but it is still the most pleasurable one’s. Try it out with the escort lady and you are in for the time of your life. Things can only get hot and heavy from thereon.
  3. Doggy style: - Well, if your girlfriend is not comfortable with it, then try it with the gorgeous escort. Get her to sit on her all fours and penetrate her from behind and then some vigorous thrusts is all that it would take for both of you to achieve the pleasures that you might only have heard of.
  4. Woman on top:  - Get the Asian beauty to sit on your manhood while taking it all inside her. Ask her to rest her hands on your chest and then make her move up and down vigorously on your shaft. It is an extremely erotic experience that will let you both achieve orgasm quickly.
  5. Spooning: - Let the lady rest on her side, then cuddle her from behind and while cuddling penetrate her from the back. An extremely erotic position will make you both sigh with pleasures.

With so much fun to be had with the gorgeous Asian escorts, book your appointment now and have the time of your life in London.